Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Sugar I Said I Was Going To Stop Eating

Sitting at the kitchen table, shoveling leftover-from-my birthday coconut pecan frosting straight from the tub into my mouth with a knife, reading an article in a soggy scattered newspaper, about all these people who got food poisoning from Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, and thinking deep thoughts like, What kind of person is still eating Sugar Smacks at age 95? Probably the kind of person who eats leftover-from-her-birthday-in-May frosting out of the tub at age 40-um because it's back to school week, and not Friday yet. Who even knows how many times the power went out since May, we were gone for three weeks this summer. This probably wasn't the best idea. Dang, I just dropped a glob on my leg. Oh, look, there's none left. At least I can recycle this container now, and stop moving it out of the way while looking for snacks in the fridge. 

Anyway, maybe I'll have oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. That sounds healthy.


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