Monday, January 2, 2017

In The Light You Make

From the debacle of November, leading into the holidays with the continued demented ramblings of our unpresident-to-be, I’m starting off the new year, rambling between hope and rage, and thinking as I usually do, of what kind of “resolutions” might be useful me to me this year.

My Aunt Mery died just before Christmas. She was a beautiful soul who I only saw a few times a year, but had a way of making a loving impact. Hearing the tributes at her funeral and remembering the impact she had in my life with truly only a few simple kind interactions, left me on the more hopeful side with thoughts of how our actions and love and outreach can ripple outward.

Thinking also about “the bubble,” a term so many want to use to try to explain the disconnect between conservative and liberal politics. But instead, I picture a bubble surrounding me with strength and hope and goodness. I feel like we are in for a fight against darkness, and I don’t want to fight from a place of darkness and anger and hopelessness.

I don’t believe in the political bubble, or that this detestable man somehow represents the will of the people. I think there is a calculated effort by certain people in power to ‘win’ at all costs, to continue to pit people against each other, in order to prop themselves up. This ekeing out an electoral victory, by hook or by crook, and for what reason? Certainly not to uphold any kind of morality or integrity, but simply to continue to enrich and reward those in power.

There is so much negativity out there, and I’m rebuking it now, going forward. I will call out the evil, and the corrupt, but I will not engage with it. I will manifest positivity and belief and continue to celebrate everyone who strives for love, compassion, kindness and the greater good, regardless of what system of belief they use to guide them to those goals. I want to call upon all the beautiful souls who left us in 2016, who have touched me with inspiration and hope, and surround myself with their light.

I want to encourage these ripples of love, circles of inspiration, and bubbles of goodness. Let evil and hatred and darkness shrink back into their rocks and caves, because they can’t survive where light shines.