Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Concord Grapes

It's been so long since I've posted, I bet you thought I'd stopped wasting time! Wrong. I have been a little busy between squeezing all our summer fun into the one month of summer when I could actually walk, and then going right into the paperwork deluge of back-to-school. But I've still managed to find time to learn about the world via the internet. For example, The Lion of Gripsholms Castle

Which then led me to a facebook page and before I knew it I was teaching my son the basics of photoshopping a picture.

I really hope you click through to the link, because it illustrates perfectly the whole focus and direction of this blog, and maybe even my life. Very simply put, I'm just on a mission to laugh hysterically on a daily basis.

I should point out that when I attempted to share this gem with my children they were mildly amused, but did not almost pass out laughing like I did. I'm choosing to attribute this to the fact that they watch so many cartoons that they have no idea what real animals look like. It is in no way a reflection on my own maturity level.

To sum up the highlights of my past few months:
Internet discovery of Lion of Gripsholms Castle
Vacation to Toronto
Kids back to school
MCR concert
Germs back home from school
And Today, Concord Grapes

I wish I could pick them in my own backyard every day, like I did after school when I was a kid. Wish I could read a whole book every day like I did back then too. Although I don't miss riding the school bus. Tradeoffs.