Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bubble Tea

As I was leaving the library with the kids this morning, after purchasing four books from the used book sale, an older man approaches and says, "Excuse me. Can I ask you a question?" Thinking he wanted to know something about the library, I pleasantly say sure.

"I noticed that she's rather dark-complected," he begins. She being my 13-year-old, who looks as perplexed as I feel. "Is she of mixed nationality, or is it just from being in the sun in the summer?"

(Does anyone ever say "No" when someone says, "Can I ask you a question?" Thinking I should start.)

Anyway, since I agreed to a question, I blurt out "Yes," and leave him to puzzle out which "or" I'm answering. He then tells me about his maybe mixed race son (not sure if that's what he said) who is in Singapore? or somewhere, and somehow this is why he's now interested in people's heritage.

So anyway, I guess my ability to attract oddballs is still going strong.

According to my son, it's just weird to ask personal questions about a stranger who is 50 years younger than you. I completely agree.

We stopped for Bubble Tea after grocery shopping, fulfilling the girl's month-long quest. One sip of the overly sweet concoction was enough for me.

I've rearranged cupboards to accommodate the new Moka and espresso cups, and create a breakfast and lunch prep area. We'll see if this helps the kitchen stay magically clean.

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