Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 In Review (The Link Episode)

Remember back in January when I posted my New Years resolutions?

Well, time for a progress report.

First I'm pleased to announce the NEW HOLIDAY TRADITION, which was my daughter performing in her dance studio's production of The Nutcracker.The best part about this tradition is that they only do it EVERY OTHER YEAR, which is totally my style of tradition. Now I just need to adjust the every other year rotation of hosting christmas eve so it doesn't fall in the same year as nutcracker year. How to do this without volunteering to take on 2 years back to back, hmmmm, must think. . .

Then I think I said something about getting more babysitters and going out more, which I have to give a big fat "plbttttt" to as far as my success with that went.

I don't know what my other resolution was.* I don't think it was "get inspired by a band to throw myself whole-heartedly into creativity and really write a book." But it if was, then I made awesome progress. It helped a lot that I broke my ankle so I had an rock solid excuse in the form of a cast, for just sitting the computer all day.

Don't have that excuse anymore, although I'm still using it to justify various disorganized places in the house. Now I excuse my exessive computer time, with the rationization that I need to put in the requisit 10,000 hours to creative breakthrough, and seeing as how I'm already, ummm, well, this old, I don't have time to waste. The book is still in progress, but I'm still counting it in the success column.

I'm going to count the whole year as a success, even though it was the second summer in a row I began on crutches. I may have been in a cast but at least I wasn't in a rut. I went to two My Chemical Romance concerts. I signed up for Twitter so I could be an obsessed MCR stalker (oh, right they call them followers) and from there, I found new writing contacts on Twitter. Thanks to Tina and crew at The Practice Room I managed to stay on track with my writing all year. I had the opportunity to read and critique for Vikki, who's writing is a hilarious joy for me to read. I thank the awesome friends who've been reading and encouraging me. My writing journey this year has led me to some interesting by-ways. In no particular order:

Thank You Galaxy Comics

Dominating the Zombies

Like A Soap Opera, but Fangier

OyMGOyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy

Young Adult Fiction! This isn't the only book I read, but I liked it, and I won this one in a contest, along with a critique of some of my writing from the author.

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Still Obsessed

To top it all off, I've won my class-action lawsuits against Ticketmaster and itunes, so I finished up 2011 $6.35 richer. Just need to fill out out a few legal forms and consider the tax ramifications.

*I'm lying, but since I didn't end up blogging more frequently, let's just agree to forget about that one, okay?