Monday, May 28, 2012

First Draft

I just did it. I just finished writing a for-real, all the way to the end, 96,853 words, 36 chapters, first draft of a novel.

I'm beyond excited about this, which is why I'm bragging about it on my blog. I've spent a year on this story, but before that, I spent many many years with many beginnings of stories that I never had the stamina to take all the way to The End.

So tiny little pat on the back for myself, while I'm still feeling it. Oh, heck, great big pat on the back and a rum n coke! I'm sure it won't be long before the doubts come back out to play, but for now, I'm riding the high into revision-land for as long as I can.

The one thing I have going for me is that I love my story. Okay, yeah, I wrote it myself, so I probably should, but at least I know I'm not going to get sick of it.

That's right, my book, the book I wrote myself, is now right up there with all my favorites, some of them favorites for the whole story, like Bridget Jones' Diary, others, favorites for just one or two perfect pages.

I've skimmed my way numerous times to that delicious scene where Percy literally kisses the ground Marguerite walks on. I've taken on "Phantom of the Opera" over and over, for Raoul on the roof with Christine, bitterly trying to accept their "secret engagement," or for that moment when the Phantom speaks his name, or sheds a tear.

I've read "A Tale of Two Cities," cover to cover many times, just for the joy of that moment when Sidney Carton does "a far, far better thing."

I'm looking forward to revising and revisiting all the tender and twisted moments I love and savor in my own book. I just have to make sure I work on all the other parts too.

What books do you love to re-read?


  1. I'm so excited for you! I just finished my last draft of my first book (before I send it out), so I'm feeling that high with you! But almost 100k words!! Now that's an accomplishment! I'm proud of you and hope you get it published!! :)

  2. Thank You! And good luck to you too! Virtual hugs and high-fives!

  3. Maria, Congratulations on finishing that first draft!! I remember how that felt, when I finished the first draft of the book that would become WHTD after years and years of never finishing anything. You deserve some champagne, to chase down that rum and coke!!

  4. so cool, Maria. Sounds like a fabulous vacation. And the fact that you love your story is huge! I am excited to see the rest of it! Woo HOO!!!

  5. Yay maria! Congrats! Im so excited for you!

  6. Yay, so excited for you! And you MUST love it...omg, I can't imagine what it would be like if you didn't. You have to love and keep loving it, even though at some point it'll start seriously pissing you off.

  7. Congrats! You've tackled one of the hardest parts! Maintain momentum. You have a great narrative voice!


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