Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things That Cannot Be Done Faster

There are certain tasks that are impossible to complete more quickly regardless of how fast or hard I work at them.
  • Ironing.  Several slow passes with a properly heated iron will make that skirt look beautiful.  Skating the iron furiously back and forth as if beating eggs, after letting it heat up for 5 seconds, will not get the skirt ironed any sooner, but will just make me sweaty.
  • Blowdrying my hair.  It takes 10 minutes.  It always takes 10 minutes.  It will not take less time if I brush faster, or hold the hair dryer closer.
  • Vacuuming.  Same as ironing.  Vacuuming faster can save time only if I use it as an excuse to skip exercising.
  • Cooking.  Because raw food sucks.  And so does bleeding on the veggies because I was chopping too fast.
  • Putting kids to bed.  Speed reading the Clifford book will result in at least 2 additonal minutes of interruptions and requests to see that page again.
Those are my "will I ever learn?" downfalls.  What about you?  What do you try to rush, even though it doesn't work?

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  1. Sex. Oh wait, that does work, without even trying. Damn.


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