Monday, May 25, 2015


Isn’t it quaint,
but thank God,
we’ll never need
the cover of these
crumbling Antiques.

Ready to go has been
Left behind. Hanging
On the wall like art.
Our world goes with us.
Phones and keys and cards
in cargo pockets.
Our hat, umbrella, phone booth,
Dining car awaits outside.

“Cash Only” handwritten
At the bottom of plank steps.
Oh well, post a picture,
It’s better without that 
dusty smell.  

Photo Prompt from Mag 271


  1. Very vivid images here, nicely done.

  2. Nice poem and so very true about the world these days. :-)

  3. Inevitably , the farther from it we try to go, the quicker it will make a comeback !


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