Monday, April 20, 2015

Girl Power

That time again, the bloodied shin,
The Achillies gash, the nick behind the knee,
Wicked campground shower stalls, foothold free.
What pose to pose, the flamingo, plié or tree?
For that microscope of summer sun, and glistening sand
The magnifying lens of sunglassed vision
Glaring at those few strays with derision.

She strides past all of us waiting our turn,
For our five minutes of freeze or burn
Her sporty shorts and shoulder-length hair
She’s been here before, she knows she doesn’t care.
She plants a foot on sink edge, like claiming the moon,
A lathered leg, flick-flick the blade, she owns the room.
Rinse, repeat, brush teeth and polish out the sink
The big male mosquitoes at the top of the mirror didn’t even blink
I haven’t blinked, she’s gone, I’m still in line, but now I know
I’ll be in her camp, her legs, her flip flops, starting now.

Photo Prompt: Mag 266


  1. Those male mosquitoes certainly add some je ne sais quoi to the mix! LOL

  2. Power indeed! Of course the male mosquitos are harmless, as only the females bite! No more queing......!

  3. Shaving with an audience. That's a difficult thing to do with finesse. Good write.

  4. Powerful presence.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Like she jumped out of an Andrei Tarkovsky flick !

  6. This is amazing -- like a view into the girl's locker-room the confidence to dominate. The rhythm and rhymes add a rush of excitement...

  7. And off she'll go...quite the dominant lady. I love the line that includes ' a lathered leg and flick flick of the blade'. Bravo!

  8. My favorite of this week's offerings...I still have the scar on my right shin bone from that archaic safety razor...

    1. Thank you Tess! Sorry to open old wounds! Haha.


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