Monday, April 25, 2011

T'witter or not t'witter?

See that cute little "follow me on twitter" button I've just added to my blog?  No?  You don't see it?  Over there, on the right.  Yeah, that's it down a little more.  A little more, a little more.  Oops too far. there you go. 

It only took me about 1.35 hours to get that itty bitty little thing on this blog, I honestly did not think I was that technically challenged.  Maybe there was a glitch.  Yeah, that's it, a glitch.

Anyway, if you are more tech savvy than me, and are already on Twitter, why don't you go ahead and follow me? I promise it will be painless.  I don't even have an i-phone so I can only tweet from the safety of my own home.

1 comment:

  1. I'm SO following you! Not that I understand twitter at all. It confuses me greatly. So does Cool Whip. I mean, really, if it's non-dairy, then what the hell is it??


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