Sunday, March 6, 2011

She's Got Legs

I just killed a spider. Got to thinking about how my sister used to claim spiders were our friends. Ya’ know, cuz they catch flies and other annoying insects. She used to catch spiders and gently release them into the wild. Me, I’m cruel and I just squash them if they’re in my house.

Our last house, we got a lot of centipedes. Now those things are just nasty freaky scary. They had a favorite route they liked to run. Late at night, while we were watching TV in the dark, they’d come running out from somewhere behind the TV, and race across the living room on their hundred creepy legs. We called it “centipede I-75.”

People tried to reassure me of the harmlessness of these monsters by saying things like, “They’re beneficial you know; they eat spiders and other annoying insects.”

So yeah, I’m really excited about centipedes now, and I can’t wait to meet the creature that has nothing else to its credit except, “It eats centipedes, you know.”

I wonder how many legs IT has?



    Your blog made me remember this - Marianne clued me to this blogger. She frequently makes me laugh out loud at my laptop.

  2. Homework for the little girl this week was to research insects. She filled a sandbox pail with dirt, leaves and grass and collected 2 ants, a worm, a spider, a pill bug, a centipede and a caterpiller. She wanted to bring them in the house, take them to school and keep them forever. I explained the concept of catch-and-release. Little brother asks if he can step on them.


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