Friday, September 24, 2010

Where's the Chocolate?

Right now, I’d like to trade a week for a week of my single life. Any week. I’ll even take a rotten one like the week after a bad break-up, or one of those weeks when I worked like 60 hours because I was young and dumb and really believed they might fire me if I didn’t.

This time, I’d go directly from breakup to the mall, and drive the 3 hours home with shopping bags on my passenger seat instead of a steadily growing pile of snotty tissues.

This time, I’d give that uptight boss (who was only 3 months less young and dumb than me) a decaf cappuccino for a Christmas present, and go home Christmas Eve not even worrying that I didn’t have everything done. And this time, two days after Christmas, I wouldn’t be redoing and undoing things that he’d demanded, because the “company” decided to change plans.

This time, if anyone confronted me, I’d just say, “In a week, I’ll be in a different life, a different place. Why should I be miserable today?”

Why should I be miserable today? In a week, this will all be different.

Attitude adjustments aren't always easy. Chocolate helps. A night out with friends helps. So do perfectly timed blog posts, like this one:

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  1. Thanks for the blog love :)

    I nodded right along as you wrote about the work weeks where you thought you had no choice but to bend over backwards and the bad breakups where you wasted time grieving...I love that I am smarter than that now! Although I am sure in ten years I will be saying that about the mistakes I make now haha


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