Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whip it Good

I’m writing on this blog to 1) brush up on my writing skills 2) procrastinate and 3) force myself to get motivated. My sis (who will be my first and perhaps only reader of my 1st novel attempt) has been pestering me for the finished product. But my 65,000ish words are far from a finished product. I need to first, and foremost, WRITE THE DAMN ENDING, which is the hardest part. I also need to go through and eliminate all the redundancies and contradictions and stuff that says “need a better word for this.”

But instead, I re-read my favorite parts, sprucing up the spelling and punctuation, tweaking a word or two here and there, chuckling at how awesome and clever I am. Then I skim over all the kind of iffy parts, make a few revisions. Then I accidentally read one of the really, really, bad parts, and do stuff like gag audibly, or slam the laptop shut and literally run away.

I then read some real, published book, and use it to berate my book. “Book, why can’t you be more like (Bridget Jones’ Diary, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice)? That book is interesting, has vivid descriptions, entertaining details, and a plot with an ending. Why do you have to be so lazy and boring? When are you going to make something of yourself?”

Oh Book, I know you’re not really to blame. You just lack discipline. Me too.

So in an effort to be more disciplined, I’m trying to write every day, even if I just end up writing a blog post. I started writing this post a week ago, so as you can see, it’s been slow.

But good news. Today, I wrote 1,200 words of my WIP (that’s work in progress--don't I sound all smart with my new-found writer jargon?) I also made a decision to tone down an aspect of the story that I have never been thrilled about writing anyway. And I felt a little hope that I can whip this WIP into something I wouldn’t be ashamed to let people read.


  1. Hi Maria! I like this. Nice job. I look forward to reading more and reading your novel one day when you're ready. Best of luck and HAVE FUN. Writing is supposed to be fun, but we both know it can be a lot of hard work. Try to enjoy the process.

  2. Let me, a family member and fan, be the first to encourage your blog. Writing, lovely writing. Blogs are great for it. I'm encouraging Janelle to take a look. She is also writing this year in Kalamazoo for the Fall & Winter. You two should talk.

    Meanwhile...go for it. And please check out Sylvia Hubbard in Detroit, who is totally on top of the eBook revolution and has a great literary circle around her. Due diligence means it's about both: the writing AND the appropriate marketing. She's got audience. Every writer needs their audience, their peeps.

    BTW, are you an English major?

    Check Sylvia out per my blog empire:


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